Balers are a cost-effective method of waste management allowing the user to operate a safe, clean and effective waste management operation without the requirement for large storage areas. Balers come in all shapes and sizes but ultimately deliver the same result, a bale. Choosing the correct baler is vital in order to maximise all the many benefits balers can deliver. Tri-State Cardboard offers free site surveys undertaking detailed waste audits before recommending the right baler for the material, volume and location the baler will be operated in.

Vertical Balers are a standard for many retailers, grocery stores, and manufacturing facilities. A 60" wide baler is the industury standard, but smaller or wider models are available. For when a vertical baler is just not enough, Horizontal balers are a perfect choice. Save labor baling in a horizontal baler versus a downstroke baler. Combine with conveyor systems for maximum performance. Due to a wide range of setups and options, we design each model to suit your specific needs. We take pride in offering the best equipment available, with the service to back it up!

All balers reduce waste storage but with Tri-State Cardboards comprehensive range of balers and industry experience you can:

Save Money - reduces your waste costs by up to 80%

Save Time - no requirement to flat pack boxes

Save Space - reduces bin and skip requirements by recycling your waste

Save the Environment – by sending less waste for landfill and increasing recycling. Reducing the logistics of waste management

Minimise dangers – reduces health and fire risks

Reduces landfill tax and comply with pre-treatment legislation