Tri-State Cardboard, LLC is an independently owned and operated service provider with locations in South Florida and in the Mid-West. It was in those early days that the owners of Tri-State Cardboard learned that simply just providing a service to a customer was not enough. Dissatisfied with what was going on around them within the industry they started Tri-State Cardboard. Originally just a company that picked up cardboard, Tri-State Cardboard's reputation eventually led them into other areas of the industry that needed that well known superior service Tri-State Cardboard provided. Together with their leadership team, they offer decades of experience in the collection, processing and recycling of commercial, industrial, municipal and residential waste. The owners and their team are hands on and actively involved in all aspects of our operation. A mission to gather completely satisfied customers is the foundation of our core values. Our customers enjoy the ability to work directly with our owners. They also recognize and appreciate the organizations focus on satisfied customers’ and have told us it plays a large role in their choosing Tri-State Cardboard. Loyal customers are earned by providing better, more efficient and more courteous service. Today, we offer our clients and valued customers the benefits of these years of experience, specialized knowledge and hard work. Our prompt and efficient service assists you in the success of your organization. Let us be your partner on the job site!